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Manila Head Office:
Cargo Village Complex Bldg. A, NAIA Avenue
Paranaque City, Philippines

Telephone Number:
(063-2) 852-3445

Fax Number (s):
(063-2) 852-6821 / 852-2857


Services and Facilities

The following therefore are the major services we offer, fitting the highest standard of NVOCC and International Freight Forwarding, Consolidation and Shipping Agency in the Philippines.

This is one the EAGLE EXPRESS major service concerns.  It is the primary concentration where the company is better known in the market and whose service orientation has pushed this company upwards.  Cost is considered simply as means to deliver the quality of service tailored to each customer's requirement.

To deliver the desired results, EAGLE EXPRESS operates a Multimodal System of Cargo Forwarding through the use of our various transportation facilities, and our expanded network of Branches all over the Philippines, we pick up cargoes from the shipper's warehouse and can either be shipped into a domestic steamship or airline, transferred to the international pier or airport in Manila or trucked from the shipper's warehouse to the international pier or airport. The same applies to LCL cargoes. Branch cargoes are also shipped via domestic vessels and trucked to our CFS Terminal for consolidation then shipped in a groupage container.

In the same manner, through the strength of EAGLE EXPRESS’ vast Network of Agents, the company handles Import Cargoes from the shipper’s warehouse and thereafter sent through international vessels to the Philippines.  EAGLE EXPRESS would then receive the goods and make necessary documents to allow facilitation of the transfer of goods to the consignee’s warehouse.


EAGLE EXPRESS, by virtue of its accreditation under the Philippine Government’s Bureau, prides itself as one of the primary international cargo consolidators in the Philippines.  Its weekly cargo consolidations to various destinations allow shippers to Export Cargoes in a cost-efficient yet reliable delivery of service.


EAGLE EXPRESS serves foreign buyers by consolidating cargoes from multiple shippers and shipping the cargoes as one shipment for the Consignee. 


EAGLE EXPRESS maintains an off-dock CFS for the Deconsolidation of Import Shipments from various origins.  The service includes actual stripping of cargoes from the containers and processing of documents necessary for its release to the consignee.

Part of the comprehensive service offered by EAGLE EXPRESS is relative Customs Facilitation for the convenience of Exporters and Importers.  This includes, among others, lodging of customs entries and such other allied services in consonance with government rules and regulations.

With this service, Exporters and Importers are assured of experienced personnel handling their cargoes while importers are guaranteed of the timely and prompt delivery of cargoes apart from the personalized service being rendered.


EAGLE EXPRESS is presently operating eight (8) tractor heads, two (2) 20-foot chassis and eight (8) truck vans and one (1) open-bed truck vans used exclusively for operations in Metro Manila and to any point in Luzon. These different equipments are essential to render supplemental service to various shippers and consignees’ requirements.

These units are used primarily to supplement the CFS Terminal Operations. These are being utilized to pick up cargoes, pull out container from steamship and deliver the fully loaded container into the Pier. Likewise, they are being used for ex-factory service to complement the NVOCC operation of the company.

This concept of trucking is primarily intended to render a comprehensive multimodal system of international and domestic freight forwarding.  It also provides the necessary logistics to keep those services within the reach of each client.

The company operates its own Warehouse situated below the office building.  This Warehouse is strategically located between the International Sea Ports and the International Airport.  It is equipped with 24/7 surveillance cameras to complement the customary 24-hour security personnel deployment. 

EAGLE EXPRESS also operates an Off-Dock Container Deconsolidation Warehouse primarily used to segregate and store cargoes from Import Consolidation Boxes.  This facility employs experienced personnel for the processing of customs formalities of Consolidated Cargoes to ensure efficient and reliable delivery of the goods to its consignees.


In line with the company’s direction of keeping up in pace with the changing times, EAGLE EXPRESS has formed its own Information Technology support group.  Over the years, it has gained various recognitions from within the industry as well as awards from external acknowledging bodies. 

The primary function of the support group is to devise and to innovate systems that would give an edge to both EAGLE EXPRESS and its clients.  By making more efficient and up-to-date methods, EAGLE EXPRESS and its customers are always on top and a step above the rest.